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Technical Delivery

In the technical delivery, all the items that guarantee the perfect functioning of the equipment are checked, empty and load tests are performed, as well as preventive maintenance and operation training for the customer and / or indicated persons.

Leão aims at service with simplicity and effectiveness, providing reliability in the operation of generator sets.

The company makes available and flexible scheduling with qualified technicians on customer property after delivery, with appropriate tooling.

Technical Assistance

The company counts on the agility and efficiency of its team of engineers and technicians, always in readiness to attend to the needs of the client. Enabled to carry out the complete survey of the situation and to solve the presented problems.

Leão uses original parts in partnership with the main suppliers, offering guarantee, availability and qualities. It also has a program of periodic reviews, which provides even more reliability in the installed generation system.


It is available to customers and partners, factory training program, clarifying doubts and taking useful and necessary information related to own generation with clarity and efficiency, among them: Technical Delivery (Start-Up); Operation (Manual / Automatic / Emergency); Preventive maintenance; Conservation of the own generation system.

Other Services

Programmable Frame Automation:
The company offers the possibility of installing the control panels with microprocessed modules with single or parallel operation capability.
We deal with manual or automatic transfer tables (QTA, QTM).

Leão responds to requests for acoustic treatment, minimizing noise of the generator set and aggregates, providing greater comfort and satisfaction of our products.

Pre Heating:
The team provides the tool set for the generator set to meet fast starts and good load performance in stand-by applications, ie the lubricating liquid will be constantly heated to perform the machine’s activity.