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Generator Applications


Leão Energia manufactures generator sets suitable for a wide range of applications:

Continuous Operations:

The Generator Sets operate on a constant basis, supplying all the energy needs for an unlimited time, allowing the installation / operation of applications in areas not served by the energy concessionaires or places that the public network does not meet the demand.

Emergency Operations:

In cases of power failure, the Generator Set will start automatically, avoiding unwanted stops.
Fundamental in places where power outages can result in immeasurable losses.

Time Edge Operations:

At peak hours, where energy is more expensive, the equipment starts automatically, without interrupting the power supply and saving up to 35% in energy costs.

Permanent Parallelism:

In cases where the energy supplied by the concessionaire is not sufficient or in maintaining the energy demand within the contracted value, Generator Groups are used to complement the load so that a parallelism occurs between the Generating Groups and the concessionaire.